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About Us

About Company

Great River is a specialized company which expertise in the areas of General Contracting, General Cleaning, Maintenance, and Construction services. 

The company engages in providing the best engineering processes and methods by implementing effective and efficient loyalty commitment results.

Our executive team is dedicated to meet every client’s demands, carrying out a full range of industry, at a high standard level. We are proud to be part of a great team that includes Senior Project Engineers, Professional Supervisors, Top Managers, Competent staff and Skilled Work Force.

We value punctuality in delivering our projects as part of our mission to provide excellent performance tools to meet the client’s satisfaction with outstanding results.   

Our strong relations with other well-known private and governmental sectors companies are established with strong significance and value.


Great River General Contracting, General Maintenance and General Cleaning

TOLL FREE : 800474837

Mobile : 050-101 3281 (English)

Mobile : 050-356 1918 (Arabic)

PO Box: 30632.

Abu Dhabi, UAE .