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Active Leaks Detection: A Case Study of a Residential Villa Project


A Police Villa located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Great River were tasked to detect, repair and fix the leakage problem using a systematic and well set out project management strategy. There are two spots in the ceiling where the water leaks occur and considered as active leaks.

Risks / Problem

Great River team was in-charge to execute leak detection. The water leaks were manifested in the two spots in ceiling of the guest area in the ground floor. This room at the ground floor is exactly congruent in the pantry and toilet of one room above in first floor. In fact, many leaks continue below the surface for long periods of time and remain undetected unless it starts to appear leak marks and other manifestations.

Upon inspection on the area, there might be two possible sources of the leakage; the waterline and bath tub drainage. Those two areas were on the same area and distances where the two-leak spot manifested. The team first closed the main valve to check if there is any problem with the PPR (Polypropylene Random) water line system. After closing the main valve and inspecting the affected lower areas, the leak drops stop and soon after dried. Therefore, the team concludes that there is a problem in the water line of the toilet and pantry. Detecting and locating leaks in water pipelines remains a major challenge for the effective management of pipeline systems. Poorly constructed pipelines and workmanship issues were forecast to be the factors contributing to leakage on PPR (Polypropylene Random) waterline system in the area. The risk profile of this project is accounted for construction and facility maintenance.

Our Solutions

Great River carefully chosen and organized a high-skilled team of risk, construction safety and maintenance experts to develop a complete project management approach. By thorough inspection on the affected areas, by employing construction analysis toolset, and by analysing and application of construction management principle, Great river were able to locate the source of the leak problem and identify the most possible way to fix the problem in more professional way in most possible span of time.

 Results and Findings

The Great River Team was guided by the following high-level results and findings:

  • By thorough inspection on the affected areas, Great River team isolated only the affected areas for easy detection of the leak source. After opening a certain area in the wall of the toilet and exposing the waterline pipes, the team was able to know that the leak is coming in a poorly installed PPR (Polypropylene Random) pipe connection with an elbow. The water flows directly on the wall of the toilet and sipping through the sub-base of the floor. A better jointing technique was implemented by the Great River team to stop the reoccurrence of the water leaks in the ceiling.

              Poorly Connected PPR pipe and elbow 

·      By engaging construction analysis toolset, the Great River Team get all the tasks to be done and their precedence in a system, and it allows the team to complete the task in most possible time. Task includes exposing water lines, exposing the bathtub drainage, replacing damage PPR pipes, checking the water lines, plastering the wall, installation of ceramic, grouting and cleaning. All the materials and tools were purchased and prepared ahead of time to complete the project in short span of time.

·      By analysing and application of construction management principle, safety and risk assessments, Great River team defines the activities required to organize the team while working to outline the goals and scope of the project.


Great River has an extensive knowledge on construction and facilities management derived from experience in working with governments and companies across the UAE to develop sustainability and management plans. This knowledge has benefitted its client in being able to understand the potential of the most affordable and effective way to address the leaks issues. The client experienced the following high-level benefits:

·      By generating early leak detection, the client secured broad understanding that damage caused by more severe plumbing problems and issues that have gone too long before being detected can be extensive, forcing property owners to spend far more on the repairs needed to address the situation.

·      Since the leak problem was already resolved by the team, it may no longer cause discoloration on the walls and ceilings. Water may no longer seep into the ceiling that may cause the paint to darken and the ceiling plaster to bubble and expand.



As a direct result of Great River’s immersion with this project and the way in which the team conducted this assignment, they have been established a management principle that can be used on the company’s future client and applying the same techniques in regards with leak management and procedures. After the completion of the task the Great River Team were trained and exercised risk and management procedures that build teamwork, confidence and capability within the team.

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